Celebrating Mauritian Savoir-Faire
Phoenix Beverages is the largest brewery in Mauritius and Phoenix Beer is its flagship brand – the original and most popular home-grown beer. Highly awarded Phoenix Beer has a 50-year heritage, brewed according to traditional techniques with hops from Germany and premium malt from Australia. Marketing Bee’s specialist division The Food Hive has produced stunning digital content and targeted strategies positioning Phoenix Beer in the Australian market across Dan Murphy's, Thirsty Camel and other online channels. The audience size increased leading to the product consistently selling out.

Phoenix Beer has been distributed in Australia for over a decade now and never really reached the heights it deserved. Constantly competing with large breweries and their expensive marketing budgets.In 2019 we delved in to digital marketing for the first time and made contact with Sharon from Marketing Bee.. well what a difference!
Our brand has grown enormously to the point where we are having to scale up our volumes we import very quickly. We never had any online sales and now they take up half of them.
Marketing Bee has been a great end to end solution for our online branding, social media and marketing solutions that have given us results, fast!

Blake Proud - Brand Manager