The Enjoyable Egg
Pace Farm is Australia’s largest egg supplier and distributor, with their products in all major outlets including Coles, Woolworths and IGA. They’ve played a leading role in the development of Australian egg manufacturing since the 1970’s.
Marketing Bee’s food marketing expertise and creative strategies catapulted Pace Farm’s Facebook presence from 3,000 to +100,000 as a series of online ads and campaigns were launched.
As well as invigorating and managing the online communities, Marketing Bee’s specialist division ‘The Food Hive’ added newly created recipes, and directed product presentation campaigns, in collaboration with top chefs. Pace Farm strengthens Marketing Bee’s position as a leading solution for food brands locally and internationally.

All of our expectations towards Marketing Bee have been met and exceeded.  We are very happy to be working with the team at Marketing Bee.  We changed to Marketing Bee in the lead up to December one of the busiest times of year and Marketing Bee prepared a month’s worth of work in only a matter of days.  We set a target of 30,000 likes on Facebook by the end of January and this target has already been met by mid January.
We look forward to our continued relationship with Marketing Bee.

David Pearson
Marketing Management Team
Pace Farm
Leading a transformation
Hatching a food brand.

Marketing Bee identified the need to shift Pace Farm’s brand image from a heavily-manufacturing angle to a modern food brand consumers could connect with. Collectively, we embarked onto a digital transformation to increase product visibility and engagement. Pace Farm’s digital content was completely remodeled by Marketing Bee on all fronts, bringing engagement, appetite appeal, style, and scale.

The strategies were designed to lift Pace Farm Eggs’ visibility with current and new egg buying customers, increase consumption, and deliver significant results to Pace Farm’s bottom-line.