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The Pet Hive
A unique team of pet marketing specialists who drive concept and brand growth. Informed by deep industry intelligence, we bring insight and discipline to streamline and accelerate creativity and marketing results in pet industry businesses.
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Get yourself a team of pet lovers.

Are you looking for a team of committed pet marketing specialists to grow your brand? We can create and maintain your digital efforts, and boosts your sales. Our team is inspired about Australia’s passionate pet ownership and we enjoy working with pet retailers, and pet product producers. Recommended by the Australian Web Industry Association and producing award-winning work, we want to help you increase your brand sales and exposure.


I have nothing but the highest praise and appreciation for Sharon who worked in collaboration with Richard Weinstein for my project. What stood out to me when working with them is that they are results focused and highly skilled at creating and capturing beautiful brief-specific imagery. And importantly, they make sure everyone is feeling happy and comfortable along the way. Sharon is impeccably organised and professional and Richard superbly talented. I have no hesitations in recommending this dream team for any of your pet marketing content.

Dr Claire Stevens
Vet & Media Ambassador

Brand Management

Define, position and deliver your brand value consistently through our trademarked execution program Hivernate. We offer a full spectrum of centralised brand, design and marketing services to differentiate you in the pet industry.


Let us handle your periodic promotions digitally and communicate effectively with your target market to deliver value and increase sales.

Social Media

Generate maximum impact on your audience on all your social platforms with our expert resources and creative ability. The reporting is included.

Website Development

Make your online positioning more effective and persuasive and with an open-source site optimised for mobile and PC viewing. Our websites are designed purely for your brand in a modern way that connects you with users.
Product Presentation & Launches
Experience the financial power of structured and creative design for your product ranges and launches. Our award-winning services will ensure your ranges remain relevant and appealing.
Print & Collaterals
Support your sales framework with cohesive and elegant print. From brochures to fleets, we can also connect your brand to your audience through physical mediums.

Newsetters & eDMs

Break through the advertising clutter using informative newsletters and eDMs to build long-term relationships with your customers. Track their results seamlessly.

Sales & Marketing Training

Give your team all the essential tools, knowledge and skills to make your business a success. Boost your conversion rates and customer satisfaction with our specialised training.

Online Advertising

Enhance your online presence using our effective campaigns that generate results. Have an expert team design and write your digital efforts to increase sales.
Our Retail Coverage

The Pet Hive has a sound knowledge of what the buyers of each retailer are looking for when presenting new product or category opportunities.

Grow the visibility of your brands and products today.
  • Increased leads and conversions
  • Improved brand credibility
  • Ongoing visual consistency
  • Device - ready optimisation
  • Increased web traffic
  • Media opportunities

Why Us

We are an award-winning team of dedicated, focused and specialised marketing experts ready to take on any challenge in the pet product and service industry. Creating a mobile responsive website to capture attention, launching a social media campaign to build a community, or re-branding a large pet product and service business, we will create what’s needed and make it highly attention-grabbing.

Devoted to our passion.

At Marketing Bee we’re obsessed with pets and the people who feel the same, whether it’s fantastic toys, beautiful grooming or feed brands – we find the industry interesting, fun and always growing. We bring our passion for the pet industry to every project we take on and enjoy working alongside the owners.

WE ARE GLOBAL Our team is fluent in French, Italian, Cantonese and are easily able to deal with teams overseas whether it be suppliers or other brands. Let us assist you in your growth.

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