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The Food Hive
A unique team of food and beverage specialists who drive concept and brand growth. Informed by deep industry intelligence, we bring insight and discipline to streamline and accelerate creativity and marketing results in food businesses.
Here's what David Pearson - brand manager at Pace Farm had to say about working with Marketing Bee.

At our core, we are food lovers and creatives.

If you’d like a team of committed of food marketing specialists to grow your brand, create and maintain your digital efforts, and boost your sales – we’d like to hear from you.
Our team is passionate about Australia’s rich food scene and working with food brands, distributors and venues. Backed by the Australian Web Industry Association and producing award-winning work, we want to help your brand increase its sales and exposure.

Brand Management

Define, position and deliver your brand value consistently through our trademarked execution program Hivernate. We offer a full spectrum of brand, design and marketing services – all under one roof.

Product Presentation

Harness the financial power of well-thought out design. From billboards to digital graphics, our award-winning services will keep your brand relevant and fresh.

Social Media

Deploy our resources and creative know-how onto all your social media networks and let us manage your communities for maximum impact.

Website Development

Make your online positioning more effective and persuasive and with an open-source device-ready site designed purely for your brand.

Styling & Photography

Professional food marketing services will take your branding and marketing from average to great increasing sales and credibility.

Recipe Development

Scale your content production and let our team create and manage your recipes and blogging.


Increase your relevance with videos, from strategy to creation & design to execution – we love developing TV – style campaign videos.

Talent Management

Associate your brand with well-known ambassadors, chefs and influencers for maximum impact.

Online Advertising

Increase your online footprint with campaigns that create results.
Our Retail Coverage

The Food Hive has a sound knowledge of what the buyers of each retailer are looking for when presenting new product or category opportunities.

Boost Your Sales Now.
Grow your food, beverage or hospitality brand today.
  • Increased leads and conversions
  • Improved brand credibility
  • Ongoing visual consistency
  • Device - ready optimisation
  • Increased web traffic
  • Media opportunities

Phoenix Beer has been distributed in Australia for over a decade now and never really reached the heights it deserved. Constantly competing with large breweries and their expensive marketing budgets.In 2019 we delved into digital marketing for the first time and made contact with Sharon from Marketing Bee.. well what a difference! Our brand has grown enormously to the point where we are having to scale up our volumes we import very quickly.
We never had any online sales and now they take up half of them. Marketing Bee has been a great end to end solution for our online branding, social media and marketing solutions that have given us results, fast!

Blake Proud
Brand Manager

Why Us

We are an award-winning team of dedicated, focused and ambitious food marketing experts ready to take on any challenge in the food and beverage industry. Whether it’s creating a mobile responsive website to capture attention, launching a social media campaign to build a community, or re-branding a large food and beverage business, we will make it happen. And we will make it highly effective.

Consumed by our passion.
At Marketing Bee we’re fascinated with great food and the creators who bring it to the table, whether it’s awesome coffee, brilliant dishes or the premium ingredients that make it happen – it’s a part of our DNA. We bring our passion for the food industry to every project we take on and have a burning desire to make food brands shine.

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