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Pendle Ham and Bacon Graphic Design Sydney

All of our expectations towards Marketing Bee have been met and exceeded.  We are very happy to be working with the team at Marketing Bee.  We changed to Marketing Bee in the lead up to December one of the busiest times of year and Marketing Bee prepared a month’s worth of work in only a matter of days.  We set a target of 30,000 likes on Facebook by the end of January and this target has already been met by mid January.
We look forward to our continued relationship with Marketing Bee.

David Pearson
Marketing Management Team
Pace Farm

At our core, we are food lovers and creatives.

If you’d like a team of committed of food marketing specialists to grow your brand, create and maintain your digital efforts, and boost your sales – we’d like to hear from you.
Our team is passionate about Australia’s rich food scene and working with food brands, distributors and venues. Backed by the Australian Web Industry Association and producing award-winning work, we want to help your brand increase its sales and exposure.
Website Development

It’s the powerhouse behind your food marketing. We build world-class mobile-responsive websites matching design, engagement and user experience to catapult brand positioning and increase sales.

Digital Marketing

Increased fans, interested prospects and agents, more mobile visitors, media – you name it and we will help you achieve your food marketing goals.

Graphic Design

Place your packaging and advertising material in our capable hands and you will benefit from award-winning design you can trust and harness the financial value from. We know how great design can add value.
We’ll even handle the printing process.

Digital Production

From social media to branded videos, you’ll benefit from media campaigns built to retain attention and increase foodie love.

Marketing Outsourcing

Forget high fees and managing multiple food marketing providers, get onto our signature program Hivernate and have a whole unified team manage your food and beverage marketing day in day out. We guarantee our output.

Food Styling & Photography

Our team are food marketing specialists at styling and photographing food shots, to boost sales and convert foodies and agents into fans.

Boost Your Sales Now.
Grow your food, beverage or hospitality brand today.
  • Increased leads and conversions
  • Improved brand credibility
  • Ongoing visual consistency
  • Device - ready optimisation
  • Increased web traffic
  • Media opportunities
I believe that the team at Marketing Bee always does a wonderful job for us. Our business is now more recognisable and our marketing processes are a lot smoother. We have received amazing results from our re-branding, new packaging, website and fleet design. Pleasure to work with an amazing, professional, prompt and friendly team delivering fantastic results.
Marica Zammit
Operations Manager
Pendle Ham and Bacon

Why Us

We are an award-winning team of dedicated, focused and ambitious food marketing experts ready to take on any challenge in the food and beverage industry. Whether it’s creating a mobile responsive website to capture attention, launching a social media campaign to build a community, or re-branding a large food and beverage business, we will make it happen. And we will make it highly effective.

Consumed by our passion.
At Marketing Bee we’re fascinated with great food and the creators who bring it to the table, whether it’s awesome coffee, brilliant dishes or the premium ingredients that make it happen – it’s a part of our DNA. We bring our passion for the food industry to every project we take on and have a burning desire to make food brands shine.

Our team is in charge of marketing the country’s No.1 egg brand Pace Farm Eggs. From content production to digital advertising, we cover all the facets of their online growth.
The Pendle Ham and Bacon group launched its fully responsive Word-Press site with custom photography, content and design. This project was nominated for web awards.
Our team rebranded 60 year old Pendle Ham and Bacon including new packaging, fleet, advertising, signage and more.
We’ve styled, photographed and promoted countless food items, from turkey, to  cheese, fruit, condiments, to fine wine – everything, and are passionate about making our clients’ products and businesses look highly professional and dynamic.
We’ve helped countless brands photograph their products for digital use ensuring high quality content for their websites and marketing.
Working with beverage companies in both Australia and Europe, we have experience styling, photographing and creating content for fine wine brands.
We created the branding for premium product Southern Highlands Beef, including their fleet. Watch out for the trucks on Sydney roads.
Launch your brand with familiar media faces to gain media traction all over Australia. Add dynamism, freshness, and creativity to your marketing.
From social media content production to recipe development, our team has handled all facets of content creation for food and beverage brands.
Clients Making Waves
we speak the languages of foodOur team is fluent in French, Italian, Cantonese and are able to liaise with brands overseas and their respective departments.
Pendle Ham and Bacon Graphic Design Sydney

I believe that the team at Marketing Bee always does a wonderful job for us. Our business is now more recognisable and our marketing processes are a lot smoother. We have received amazing results from our re-branding, new packaging, website and fleet design. Pleasure to work with an amazing, professional, prompt and friendly team delivering fantastic results.


Client Testimonials Marketing Agency Sydney

The professional skills and relationship we have with our Hivernate team are the key factors for our rapid progression. Marketing Bee has quickly assimilated and participated, with high levels of efficiency, to the corporate culture of our Champagne house, Champagne Philippe Fourrier.


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I have no doubt the quality of our new collateral has improved our image in the minds of potential new clients and that it has helped us reduce our lead time to convert prospects into clients.


Thousands Wrists Graphic Design Sydney

Marketing Bee will take us to international markets, and have been the efficient department we need, which we could not have afforded internally. I highly recommend their Hivernate program to those who would like to increase business efficiency and have quality execution.


Client Testimonials Marketing Agency Sydney

Whilst our field of expertise is in vocational education and training pathways, from secondary schooling to further education and training, Marketing Bee’s expertise is in business; tailoring a marketing solution that will bring the business results we need. It’s an exercise in cross-pollination to enable improves results.


Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

Marketing Bee has been a very supportive partner – Sharon and Luca have always provided opportunities to work on a variety of projects and the guidance necessary to grow. It is wonderful to collaborate with a professional agency like Marketing Bee.


Client Testimonials Marketing Agency Sydney

It’s a great pleasure to do business with Marketing Bee as they offer reliable services with refreshing creative energy. Each member of the beehive is professional and always ready to satisfy our requirements. We feel that our decision to go with Marketing Bee has been confirmed in every way.


Client Testimonials Marketing Agency Sydney

Sharon has one of the brightest marketing minds I have seen in a long time. It is one thing to be good at execution and creativity but applying the best business mind in marketing has helped her clients change the game in the way they go to market with their business.


Client Testimonials Marketing Agency Sydney

Sharon is one of the most hard working and business savvy young women I know. She has her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the digital marketing world, and her work is of excellent quality. I hold Sharon in the highest regard.


Client Testimonials Marketing Agency Sydney

Marketing Bee has been instrumental in helping us further our reach with our overseas clients and suppliers. The branding and technology offered to our clinic have been sensational and worthy of praise-it is amazing to know our clients can access our site from any device out there. They are also friendly and easy to work with.


Client Testimonials Marketing Agency Sydney

Great work in developing our website by a young, dynamic and technically savvy team. I would strongly recommend Marketing Bee to other clients looking at developing their online presence.


Magellan Logistics Graphic Design Sydney

I am delighted to provide a reference for Marketing Bee.
The expertise, enthusiasm and willingness demonstrated by the whole Marketing Bee team has meant that we have up-to-the minute marketing methodologies at our disposal and can present our brand and services is the most efficient and cost effective ways.


Client Testimonials Marketing Agency Sydney

Marketing Bee’s team and Hivernate program is the game changer for SMEs wanting to scale and save at the same time. The enthusiasm and passion they display for their clients are boundless. Great team providing everything to get your business noticed and selling more! As an SME advisor, I finally see a marketing solution for SMEs.


Marketing Blog Sydney

Marketing Bee are a fantastic full service marketing team. Their efficiency, creativity and customer service is second to none and we love working with Sharon and her team.


Client Testimonials Marketing Agency Sydney

Partnering with Sharon is a dream come true. Professional, innovative, and prompt, working together with the team is fun, effective and results focused. Look forward to many many more collaborations in the future.


Want to grow your food and beverage company?

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